About Us



Sisu Beads was inspired by our extraordinary friend, Michelle Bono.  Michelle was diagnosed with advanced cancer shortly after winning two national champion titles in 2006. Her doctors expected her to live for maybe a few more months. Well, they didn't know Michelle very well... She fought hard and went through intensive surgery and chemotherapy. In 2008, she won another national championship.   Sadly, the cancer returned and Michelle died in February 2010. When I say "died" that merely refers to her body no longer being here. Her spirit remains uncompromised.

We thought there had to be a way that we could always have her with us. We looked at available ash holders but none of them were anywhere near classy enough for her.  We decided  a bead made with cremation ashes would be the way to go.

...And Sisu Beads was born.  "Sisu" is a Finnish word embodying a strong will and determination that will prevail through any challenge.

We now have Michelle ready for adventure again. We have her Sisu Bead on bikes and bags and necklaces. She was never a person who was content to sit home and do nothing. So, it just seems right to have her with us. We feel her spirit and strength with us and our lives are truly enriched.

We also had the ash remains of our pets at our homes. None of our pets ever liked staying at home either! So we have also made beads for them. Everybody gets to go out for adventure.

Our hope is Sisu Beads will allow you to keep enjoying adventure with all your loved ones. Feel the love and continue the journey.