Sisu Beads

Julie and Gina created Sisu Beads in 2010.  They weren't ready to let go of a friend that passed much too soon. The available cremation jewelry wasn't quite right.   Looking for a secure and discreet way to carry a little bit of cremation ash with them, the Sisu Bead was born.   Gina hand forms each bead from clay.  Cremation ash is mixed with glaze and fired into the bead.   The cremation ash becomes a part of the bead.   The resulting Sisu Bead provides a tangible way to hold and honor your loved one.

Sisu "See- Sue" is a Finnish word embodying a strong will and determination that will prevail through any challenge.   We hope your Sisu Bead will provide you comfort during this very difficult time.  Your loved one's spirit prevails and lives on in all they have touched.

We now offer sterling silver and gold cremation jewelry and changed the company name to Inspire Memorials.   But our Sisu Beads remain.  They are more than a memorial bead.   The warmth, love, and care into each unique hand sculpted Sisu Bead is special.  Each one carrying the Sisu spirit.

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